Clearing the Gate

Crater Mines

Big massive battle = big massive loot.

For party treasure we picked up:
6x Potion of CLW
1x Potion of CMW
4x Potion of Bull’s Strength
Dwarven History of the Crater Ridge Mines
Violet Everburning Lantern (non-sellable, flavor item)

(We’re getting a bunch of Bull’s Strength potions – 11 now – and I’m not sure who use them. Cleverfighter can’t – the bonuses won’t stack with his belt. They’ll sell for 150 gp each, or convert to 12 XP each.)

A bunch of stuff was auto-assigned (mostly divine scrolls to Bindi):
Divine Scrolls of:

  • Detect Good
  • Hold Animal
  • Invisibility Purge
  • Nondetection
  • CMW, 2x CLW
  • Silence, Neutralize Poison
    Finnian picked up :
    2x Alchemist’s Fire
    5x raw Medium Monstrous Spider Venom

Two items were claimed:
Fluffy picked up Eyes of the Eagle
Finnian picked up Cloak of Resistance +1

If we sell everything, we’ll net a total of 16791.35 gp, for a 1/5 share of 3358.27 gp each.
I’d break out the list, and will if you want, but I’m sure there’s nothing there anyone wants.



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