The Ettin and the Dragon

This post covers the results of the 08-02-2014 and 08-16-2014 sessions.

All – by this point we’ve been in the Crater Mines for two days and have just experienced our second 15-minute adventuring day. We’ve also encountered an Ettin and his pet rust monster, and our second dragon (a young adult green).

The battle with the Ettin was short and painful.

The battle with the Green Dragon was …. interesting … and educational. And very painful – we almost lost Dyson, and were a few ragged hairs from experiencing an almost TPK. However, we survived. (Owww.)

Before I detail the loot, I’d like to bring up something we need to consider – basically, how we will be handling the explore-base-shopping rhythm, and our base security. Right now, our caravans and sitting in the middle of the road going up to the temple. It’s not been an issue so far as we’ve cleared the nearest parts of the complex, and it’s only been a day or two. But we really should find a good spot near to the dungeon that’s hidden and secure, if we’re going to be absent for long periods of time.

The other is best addressed by our current status – we have enough stuff being lugged with us that we should (at the very least) haul it back to the caravan. We also haven’t sold off anything since before Rastor, so right now, very little of our disposable wealth is liquid. Whether/when we address this should be discussed.

Now for the loot.

From the Ettin:

Party treasure -

Auto-assigned –
Finnian: 2 thunderstones

Wealth -
Nothing of interest or direct use to the party members, but a total value of
573 gp, for a one-fifth share of 114.6 gp.

The Dragon’s Hoard

Party treasure -
Silver Obex Holy Symbol (Plot)
Black Thurible (Torch of Revealing?) (Plot)
Silver Holy Symbol of Moradin (Diplomacy/NPC favors?)
Young Adult Green Dragon Corpse

Auto-Assigned -
Dyson – Arcane scroll of Alter Self, See Invisible
Bindi – Vial of Holy Water

Wealth -
Nothing of interest or direct use to the party members, but a total value of
5386.03 gp, for a one-fifth share of 1107.20 gp.

Current Non-Liquid Wealth

From Rastor, the Mine Entrance, the Ettin and the Dragon, a total to-be-sold wealth of
23464.38 gp, and a one-fifth share of 4692.87 gp.



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