Umber Hulks & Trolls

Driving on, we solved our “parking” issue with the caravans, and battled a pair of Umber Hulks and a pair of Trolls.

Loot wise, there wasn’t much – aside from an as-yet-unidentified magic ring (which I imagine someone will want to claim since it’s the first one we’ve found), we can sell the loot for 2858.60 gp ( or 571.72 gp/share).

This brings our loot backlog to 26320.98 gp (or 5264.20 gp/share).

Our portal works once every 5 days. That means that during a quick-turn around shopping expedition, Finnian can make 5000 gp worth of items (based on their list price).

With all of that, barring any immediate/critical needs, I’d suggest putting off a visit for a little while more (say 7.5 K a share?). Remember that for many of us, the enchantment load on our main armor and weapons is very high, and enhancing them (directly) any further is unlikely (and beyond Finnian’s capabilities at this point).



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