Entering Rastor

All -

here’s the loot from beating up Tal Chamlis, Rastor’s resident drug lord.

We drained a 1 Buckler, +1 Mighty [1] Composite Longbow, and Bracers of Armor +2, netting an additional 240 XP into Finnian’s Item pool (the equivalent of a 6000 gp item).

When we sell everything, we’ll earn an equivalent of 714 GP. That breaks down as
4400 cp, MW Studded Leather (175 gp list), MW Buckler (165 gp list), MW Mighty [+1] Composite Longbow (500 gp list), and a MW Alchemists Lab (500 gp list).

We also added 2 Potions of CLW, 1 Potion of CSW, 1 Potion of N. Poison, and 2 Potions of Spider Climb to the “pantry”.

The “pantry” is carried by Sal the Packmate (Mule), who can feed you cure potions (if you’re down), or bring you anything she’s carrying. She still has to move to you, and has a speed of 30. Right now, she’s carrying the following consumable magic items:
7x Potion of Bull’s Strength
3x Potion of Spider Climb
2x Potion of Cure Light
3x Potion of Cure Moderate
3x Potion of Cure Serious
1x Potion of Water Breathing
1x Potion of Endurance
1x Potion of Glibness
1x Potion of Neutralize Poison
5x Oil of Iron Silence (ignore armor check penalty for Hide/Move Silently)
Scroll of 1x CSW, 1x CMW (usable by Bindi, Rigg, or Finnian)
1x Wand of CLW (50) (usable by Bindi, Rigg, or Finnian)

And the following alchemical items are in the pantry too:
20x Ghostoil (weapon has Ghost Touch for 2 rounds; 1 round to apply)
24x Antitoxin
6x Alch. Fire
6x Acid
6x Acid Fire (1d4 aci + 1d4 fire)
6x Alch. Spark (1d8 electricity)
6x Tanglefoot

Finishing the Temple

The Temple is clear. Time for the Loot List.

1 Flask of Holy Water : Bindi
1 Flask of Alchemist’s Fire: Finnian
6 Smokesticks: Finnian

Party Treasure:
7x Potion of Bull’s Strength
1x Potion of Spider Climb
3x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
1x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
1x Potion of Water Breathing
1x Potion of Endurance
1x Potion of Glibness
1x Scroll (Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds)
1x Wand of Cure Light Wounds, 50 charges

As before, everything above the sell/claim line can be bought back. If you want something below the claim line, speak and it will be given to you.

ItemNumberList PriceSell ValueWorth
Gold Pieces1708111708
Silver Pieces8980.10.189.8
Copper Pieces8450.010.018.45
Painting of Green Dragon1700700700
Bolt of Gold Embroidered Cloth1100100100
Bronze Statue of Elf Warrior1300300300
Golden Flagon1200200200
Silver Platter1757575
Gold Bracelet1656565
Light Crossbow73517.5122.5
Studded Leather Armor12512.512.5
Short Spear110.50.5
Short Sword610530
Long Bows57537.5187.5
Scroll of Divine Insight2-225-225-450
Scroll of Legend Lore 1-350-350-350
Renting Royal-level Ballroom1-1000-1000-1000
Scribes, Good, 1 week3-4.2-4.2-12.6
Parchement, Good100-0.4-0.4-40
Ink, Good, Vial9-16-16-144
Masterwork Greatsword1350175175
Masterwork Full Plate 11650825825
Masterwork Light Crossbow2335167.5335
Masterwork Morningstar1308154154
Scroll of Bull’s Strength11507575
+1 Chainmail213006501300
+1 Two-Bladed Sword 1240012001200
Amulet of Natural Armor +11200010001000
Brooch of Shielding (47 hp)1698.02349.01349.01
From the Moathouse
Burning through the Loot List

All -

now that we’ve (Finally!) finished the boathouse, and given the large loot list, it’s (past) time to divvy up the loot. Keep in mind that you have an artificer on board, and there might be some fancy accounting we can do with items, gold, and XP, to get you exactly what you wish. (more on that in another mail.)

We have 3 PP, 167 gp, 34 sp, and 33 cp. That’s a total of 200.73 gp in coin.

We also have the following potions:
3x Cure Moderate Wounds
6x Cure Light Wounds

The following are class-specific/auto-claimed:
Scroll: Bless, Cure Light Wounds (Jan’s Character)
Pearl of Power – 1st Level (Jan’s Character)
Scroll: Animal Messenger, Stone Shape (Dyson)

These two items are adventure macguffins (according to Kevin), and are thus Party Treasure:
Torch of Revealing
3x Incense of Dreaming

And the following magic items:
Studded Leather +1
Curved Short Sword +1
Necklace of Prayer Beads, Blessx2
Beads of Force x2
Wand of Change Self, 31 charges
Brooch of Shielding
Cloak of Resistance +1

Plus a bunch of miscellaneous non-magical stuff. If we sell the non-magical stuff, we’ll earn 4160.70 gp. Add in the coins and the (now-repaired) mechanical owl, and the total comes to 9361.43 gp. This means each share is 1872.28 gp.

If you wish to claim a non-magical item, buy it at it’s sell price from the list. This will leave the share worth unchanged.

If you wish to claim a magic item, speak up. If no-one wishes an item, we can sell or scavenge it (more on that later). Dyson has only put in a tentative claim for the Cloak.

A more detailed version of this was sent to via email.

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