Finnian's Magic Item Designs

These are Finnian’s doodles for various magic items. Most aren’t, and possibly won’t, be built, but they’re interesting to him.

Fount of Endless Holy Water

This is intended to “recharge” the upside-down Black Monolith found under the Moathouse. It will be left there.

Prerequisites: Bless Water (1st Level Cleric Spell); CL 9th; continuous, no slot; 1*9*2000*2*1.5=54000
Control Water (5th Level Cleric Spell); CL 9th; command word, no slot; 4*9*1800*2=129600
Total: 183600 gp.

The Flying Wagon

Assuming that a Pathfinder-style airship isn’t available for purchase (50000 gp), and the other alternative is upgrading the caravans.

(Slow version; 90’/round, 9 mph)
Prerequisites: Fly (3.0 3rd Level Wizard Spell); CL 5th; continuous, no slot; 3*5*2000*2*1.5
Base Cost: 90000 gp

(Fast Version; 600’/round; 60 mph, capable of lifting a Gargantuan wagon)
Prerequisites: Wind Walk (6th Level Cleric Spell); CL: 21st; continuous, no slot; 6*21*2000*2
Base Cost: 524000 gp

The Base in Otherwhere

This is a set of 6 bracelet charms that provide access to the same, permanently maintained Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion. While the Base does not create food and water, it does have a pantry large enough to preserve food and water for up 30 people for one month. In addition, the pantry has a preservation charm built-in that keeps the food perfectly fresh.

The base provides the following spaces from the 3.0 Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook:

  • Alchemy Laboratory
  • Armory, Basic
  • Bath, Fancy
  • Bedroom, Fancy x3
  • Common room, Fancy
  • Kitchen, Fancy (includes the pantry)
  • Magic Laboratory
  • Smithy
  • Storage, Basic
  • Storage, Fancy
  • Tavern, Luxury

Prerequisites: Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion (7th Level Wizard Spell); CL 16th; command word, no slot; (7*16*1800*2)+1500 gp
Total: 404,700 gp.

Finnian's Magic Item Designs

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