Entering Rastor

All -

here’s the loot from beating up Tal Chamlis, Rastor’s resident drug lord.

We drained a 1 Buckler, +1 Mighty [1] Composite Longbow, and Bracers of Armor +2, netting an additional 240 XP into Finnian’s Item pool (the equivalent of a 6000 gp item).

When we sell everything, we’ll earn an equivalent of 714 GP. That breaks down as
4400 cp, MW Studded Leather (175 gp list), MW Buckler (165 gp list), MW Mighty [+1] Composite Longbow (500 gp list), and a MW Alchemists Lab (500 gp list).

We also added 2 Potions of CLW, 1 Potion of CSW, 1 Potion of N. Poison, and 2 Potions of Spider Climb to the “pantry”.

The “pantry” is carried by Sal the Packmate (Mule), who can feed you cure potions (if you’re down), or bring you anything she’s carrying. She still has to move to you, and has a speed of 30. Right now, she’s carrying the following consumable magic items:
7x Potion of Bull’s Strength
3x Potion of Spider Climb
2x Potion of Cure Light
3x Potion of Cure Moderate
3x Potion of Cure Serious
1x Potion of Water Breathing
1x Potion of Endurance
1x Potion of Glibness
1x Potion of Neutralize Poison
5x Oil of Iron Silence (ignore armor check penalty for Hide/Move Silently)
Scroll of 1x CSW, 1x CMW (usable by Bindi, Rigg, or Finnian)
1x Wand of CLW (50) (usable by Bindi, Rigg, or Finnian)

And the following alchemical items are in the pantry too:
20x Ghostoil (weapon has Ghost Touch for 2 rounds; 1 round to apply)
24x Antitoxin
6x Alch. Fire
6x Acid
6x Acid Fire (1d4 aci + 1d4 fire)
6x Alch. Spark (1d8 electricity)
6x Tanglefoot



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