Blowing through the Air Temple

All -

having fought all the Air Temple (at once), we have now acquired a fair bit of loot.

Bindi acquired three scrolls. One with Bless, Magic Weapon, Doom, Cure Moderate Wounds; one with Endurance, Augury, Darkness; one with Raise Dead, Cure Critical Wounds.

Party Loot:
1 – Sword of Air (+2 Longsword; endure elements (electricity), 1/d blast of wind 2d6, ranged touch, 100’ range; Market Price 12,315) currently assumed to be a MacGuffin.
2 – Air Temple Symbols
2 – Lesser Keys of Air (MacGuffin)

Plus a few consumables which will just go into Sal.

We now have on account (I.e. not yet liquid, but this is what we’ll get when we sell it): 15196.5 gp, or a one-fifth share of 3039.3 gp.



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