The Party Caravans

These are the floorplans of the party’s masterwork caravan wagons. The wagons are 20’ long, and a maximum of 10’ wide. They are an irregular hexagon on cross-section, with the floor of the caravan being 8’ wide, and the roof being 5’ wide. The wagons have very high-quality suspension, and provide a +5 circumstance bonus to Concentration checks to overcome violent motion.

They are entered through a 3 section door. The door is 7’ tall and 4’ wide. The bottom 5’ swing in by halves, and the top 2’ swings up and out. The doors are recessed 2’ back. A vented shutter is over the door. The doors secure from the inside.


The lead caravan is the party’s typically the party’s dormitory caravan. Bunks are adjacent to the doors along the outside walls. Sink the bunks are raised, ladders are placed at the innermost ends to ease access. In the front, the ladder on the left leads to the roof hatch. Shuttered casement windows (that open up) line the top of the walls, providing air and light.
The areas above (and below) the bunks provide ample storage, and one wall has shelving/workbenches for the party members. A pot-bellied gnomish stove provides heat and cooking surface area.




The trailing caravan is typically the party’s laboratory/workshop wagon. The primary occupant is Finnian’s dedicated wright homonulucs, Deegor. The wagon has facilities for alchemical and magical item creation, as well as areas suitable for smithing weapons and armor.


The Party Caravans

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